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Preserve and Protect the Traditional Methods of Artisanal Agronomy
Through the centuries Italy has attained a distinguished reputation for the uniqueness of its locally produced foods and wines.  Traditional methods of production are increasingly at risk as numbers of true artisans decline combined with a general trend toward mass production.
Associazione Passignano will seek out small local producers of wine, olive oil, jam preserves and other products who continue to employ traditional production methods and who can benefit from financial support that will help to ensure the continuation of artisanal agronomy.
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In collaboration with the Fondazione Spadolini we are restoring the olive grove at Villa Spadolini on the historic hillside of  Pian dei Giullari.  Giovanni Spadolini, 44th Prime Minister of Italy was an important Italian politician with a career in politics from 1974 to1994. He welcomed international guests such as Gorbachov, Thatcher, Regan and the Emperor of Japan, to his villa to stroll through the olive grove and discuss the politics of the day.  Our project on this historic property is to restore the old pathway through the olive trees that were walked by his distinguished guests and provide exceptional extra virgin olive oil, that was gifted to all who visited. 

The Villa is situated on the historical hillside of Pian dei Giullari, only 10 minutes from the city centre, with uninterrupted views of the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and Giotto's tower. A location once inhabited by the noble families of Florence, who were privileged to live in the hills that were abundant with olive and fruit trees, has inspired us today to restore and revive the grove from its 30 year neglect.

In collaboration with the Spadolini Foundation and the guidance of our internationally  renown agronomist, Vincenzo Bellini, we started this 15 year commitment with the focus to produce pure biological olive oil by implementing the artisanal techniques and soil preparation methods without any chemical enhancement.  

Pian dei Giullari played an important role during the Renaissance as it was a strategic location for the 1529 siege of Florence where the Medici's returned to power and ruled their city once again. The Spadolini property surrounds the hillside of this important and historic siege. 

Santa Margherita a Montici
Torre del Gallo
San Miniato al Monte
The siege of Florence 1529 - Highlighted in red are the hills that surround the Spadolini property 
The Spadolini Nuova Antologia Foundation was established by Giovanni Spadolini and is managed by Cosimo Ceccuti, the Director responsible for the operations of the Foundation.  In 2018 Associazione Passignano agreed to a 15 year commitment to restore to their original condition,  the olive grove and the gardens of the Spadolini Villa.  In addition to the restoration of the olive grove we are creating a terraced garden that overlooks the city of Florence, where we plan to stage cultural events with the intent to raise funds that will support our ongoing agronomy initiatives.
Spadolini official book signature
Thanks to Vincenzo Bellini and the hard work of Tommaso Batini and Abdul of Giglio Verde Giardini, we reached our goal to uncover 3.5 hectares on of the 7 hectares of the grove and gardens.  Uncovered and revived are over 350 olive trees and a variety of fruit tree species and we expect to discover more on this panoramic hillside! We welcome you to join us during our autumn harvest for our traditional olive picking and Italian picnic, while enjoying the breathtaking views Florence from the hills of Pian dei Giullari.
Our 2020 harvest was an unexpected harvest due to the previous year of severe pruning, but to our surprize produced an abundance of olives that when pressed, the taste was pure with a hint of spice enjoyed by the most discernible palate. We were honoured when chef Fabio Picchi chose our olive oil for his famous C BIO specialty foods store in Florence. An endorsement from Mr. Picchi gave us great pleasure and satisfaction, that after two years of preparation, care and attention, we produced a premium olive oil from the biological soil that had been untouched for 30 years, resulting in the rebirth of the Spadolini olive grove.  
Fabio Picchi at C BIO, in Florence, promoting our 2020 Olive Oil from the hills surrounding the Spadolini Villa 
Lunch entertainment provided by Keaton
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